In order to save electricity but above all to reduce light pollution from cities, which is particularly problematic for insects and wildlife, we only have a low level of outdoor lighting (only as much as necessary). Decorative lighting is switched off to a large extent, only solar lighting stays on a little longer.

Over the past few years we have reduced approximately 80% of our outdoor light emitting signs and lighting. 100% of outdoor lighting has a color temperature of 3000K, 70% are even at 2700K. The warmer the light, the less impact it has on the insect world.

85% of our garden area is no longer illuminated from our side. Necessary/safety-related lighting was also designed to protect insects as far as possible. 80% of the lighting is completely switched off at 10 p.m.

On our property with approx. 1500 m2 there are only nine spotlights with a reduced beam angle for the tree lighting, 4 fairy lights and approx. 10 solar lights. Only the entrance area is also relatively well lit, but this can hardly be reduced, otherwise the impression arises that the company is closed. The more intensely illuminated area here makes up about 5% of the total area.

Implementation period: Continuous

SDGs: 11, 13, 15