Recyclable boards made from post-consumer plastics. Sounds technical, not at all exciting and, above all, not like a good story. But it is.

We have produced new tables for our catering area with The Good Plastic Company. And nothing fits in better than tables made from former freezers and fridges. A seemingly dry technical concept becomes a wonderful story.

There are many plastics, some better and some worse. But it also depends heavily on the use and the possibilities of reusing the plastic again and again. That’s why we like the name of The Good Plastic Company, because, as with so many issues, the use of plastics cannot be given a blanket approval or disapproval. The products are Cradle to Cradle NGO (C2C NGO) certified and follow the concept of the circular economy.

Partner: The Good Plastic Company

Implementation period: Since 2024

SDGs: 12